The Creation Spirituality Certificate Program

The Creation Spirituality Certificate is a dynamic curriculum designed to provide individuals with a wide range of backgrounds with grounding in ancient wisdom integrated with a context for visionary, prophetic and sacred activism – all embedded in the principles of unfolding Creation and the Universe Story.

The Certificate curriculum is intended to nurture your spiritual understanding and guide you in developing practices that will support transformational experiences to help deepen, shape, and re-shape your way of life. This transformation is founded on living the principles of Creation Spirituality within the whole of life, all other species, cultures, Earth and cosmos.

Why Pursue a Certificate in Creation Spirituality?

  • to deepen your understanding of our relationship with all of Creation and to obtain
    recognition for that commitment with educational credentials
  • to complement other theological, mythological, creative and narrative studies
  • to pursue and ground specific Creation Spirituality training such as the Cosmic Mass
  • to nurture yourself more deeply in a Creation Spirituality paradigm for living to guide in discerning your own practice and to reinforce your existing practices in the lived expression of Creation Spirituality
  • to support and reinforce your aim to re-invent work, religion, culture as Creation Spirituality is integrated into your life and community
  • to focus a sense of vocation in living responsibly, meaningfully, sustainability and creatively
  • to expand and apply Creation Spirituality fundamentals in your ministry, teaching, community activism and other work in the world
  • to support and expand your spiritual transformation
  • to connect with others, participate and be supported in a community of individuals with a similar sense of co-creation and commitment
  • as a step in pursuing Ordination in the Creation Spirituality tradition

Coursework in the Creation Spirituality Certificate Curriculum occurs via a distributed network of instructors through online, traditional classroom, and hands-on practica or apprenticeships. These provide a foundation for nurturing and expanding the lived expression of Creation Spirituality. For both students and instructors, seasoning in Creation Spirituality continually deepens and expands the  dynamic re-invention of one’s self and one’s individual practice[s] in the world.